Software development

Z.E.S.  develops custom-made software for a variety of technical applications. That is, software for sensors, IoT devices, wireless applications, low power electronics, instrumentation, data processing, automation and modeling.  Much of this is embedded software, yet we can also realize applications for PC, tablet and mobile phones. Programming of FPGA’s and microprocessors is often done in combination with our hardware development. We adapt our way of working to achieve seamless collaboration with our clients.  In most projects this resulted in an agile style of work.

Our senior software engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the following fields of expertise:

Embedded software

  • bare metal, RTOS or Linux, multi-threaded and multi core
  • C/C++
  • Methods of serial communication and wireless communication.
  • Data acquisition and storage

PC applications

  • Windows, Linux
  • Data processing, data visualization and report generation

FPGA programming

  • Xilinx, Vivado, VHDL