About ZES

ZES provides services for innovation through research and technological development. Our customers are multinationals, specialized companies, start-ups or universities.

ZES was founded in 1996, is fully independent, and is privately owned.

ZES provides expertise in the following areas:

  • sensors, megasensor networks
  • electronics
  • embedded systems
  • product development, prototyping
  • techniques for data gathering, processing, transmission and storage
  • automation
  • robotics
  • 3d CAD, 3D and multiphysics modeling
  • non destructive testing
  • reliability engineering

Development of new products means that both research and product development is needed. Traditionally, research and product development have different work processes. Yet the difference between research and development often blurs nowadays. We do have flexible work processes in place for R&D. Alternatively, we often adapt the process to the R&D strategy of our client.

Much of our projects are in the oil and gas world. In addition to that we also completed projects for medical instruments, industrial electronics, clean room technology, and scientific instrumentation.