Pipeline inspection

Project to study and develop new sensors for pipeline inspection. The project is carried out with the help of students from the HAN faculty of engineering. Project promotor is Somatidio.

Zynq Trenz module


In our projects we often deal with fast data acquisition and high amounts of data. FPGA's are ideal for such applications, however the development of a custom FPGA board is time consuming. An attractive alternative is the use of FPGA modules to shorten development time. The photo shows a Trenz Zynq module with a small form factor. We have successfully used this module in several projects.

Corroded samples

Corrosion can cause pipelines to leak. Techniques have been developed to find the corrosion. Yet corrosion may be hidden, e.g. in case of a buried pipe or when the pipe is covered by thermal insulation. There is an ongoing effort to develop techniques that can find hidden corrosion. Newly developed inspection techniques and e.g. sensors need to be tested on corroded samples. That is why we collect corroded steel and use it in our laboratory tests.

unloading corroded pipe sample
Zynq Trenz module

Field testing

New techniques are tested under field conditions.


Sensor carier made with 3D printing for rapid prototyping.

unloading corroded pipe sample